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Bicakčić and Dabur set off a frenzy within 8 minutes, and Klamarić galloped passionately at the Neckar Arena. An original Bundesliga league, but because of Hoffenheim’s counterattack, it became different. Three Bayern Munich, who won the fourth championship title in 2020 only a few days ago, lost their helmets and armor in Huocun inconceivably and lost 1-4. This is the first defeat of the Bundesliga giants this year. Flick coached Bayern's number of losses finally "catch up" the number of championships.

比卡奇奇(Bicakčić)和达伯(Dabur)在8分钟内引起了疯狂,而克拉马里奇(Klamarić)在内卡竞技场(Neckar Arena)狂奔疾驰。最初是德甲联赛,但由于霍芬海姆的反击,情况有所不同。仅几天前获得2020年第四届冠军头衔的三位拜仁慕尼黑,就难以置信地在霍村市失去了头盔和盔甲,并以1-4负于对手。这是今年德甲巨人的第一次失败。弗里克执教拜仁的失利数终于“追上”了总冠军数。

At least before the start of the expedition to Huo Village, not many people would have thought that Bayern’s vigorous beauty would be shattered so suddenly. After all, in the Bundesliga eight months ago, Nan Da Wang brutally washed Hoffenheim 6-0. And this has long become Bayern's standard program in 2020-the Bundesliga opener, the defending champion beat Schalke 04 8-0, no face for this old Bundesliga team.

至少在远征霍村之前,没有多少人会想到拜仁那充满活力的美丽会突然被打碎。毕竟,在八个月前的德甲联赛中,南大王以6比0惨痛地洗刷了霍芬海姆。亚博网址下载长期以来,这一直成为拜亚博网址下载仁在2020年的标准程序-德甲揭幕战,卫冕冠军沙尔克04 8-0击败了这支老德甲球队。

The vigorous Bayern has already become a "special phenomenon" in the 2020 epidemic. In the Champions League, they became the first team in history to win the championship. They first humiliated Tottenham in North London, and then used a total score of 7 to 1. The defeat of Chelsea, and then the collapse of the Barcelona dynasty with a tragic 8-2, and then even Creon and Paris dominating Europe seems to have been a matter of course, so that people questioned: Who can defeat Bayern?


Continuous pressure, rapid strikes, concepts advancing with the times, no shortcomings in the lineup... When such a Bayern team appears, you can’t help but be amazed. Maybe they are not as gorgeous as the Milan dynasty, and they don’t have the same lineup as Barcelona. The desperate dominance, but with an extreme sense of oppression, presents the essence of German football. In the European Super Cup three days ago, Sevilla tried their best to resist the Bundesliga giants, but the La Liga powerhouses did at least one point-they drew with Bayern in regular time.


After winning the European Super Cup, Bayern has won all the championships that can be won in 2020. The team's undefeated in all competitions reached 32 consecutive games, and the winning streak was an amazing 23 games, breaking the record set by Real Madrid. , Can be described as unprecedented. However, in the process of advancing soaring, signs of collapse have also appeared. At least against Sevilla, Bayern's oppressiveness has declined. The continuous week of double matches is a density that no team can bear.

在赢得欧洲超级杯冠军之后,拜仁赢得了2020年可以赢得的所有冠军。球队在所有比赛中不败,已经连续32场比赛,并且连胜纪录是惊人的23场,打破了皇马的纪录。 ,可谓空前。但是,在前进的过程中,也出现了崩溃的迹象。至少对塞维利亚,拜仁的压迫性下降了。连续一周的双重比赛是没有一支球队可以承受的密度。

For Bayern, the most obvious problem is that the gap between the main lineup and the bench lineup is too obvious. Gnabry, Lewand, Sane, Muller, Gretzka, Kimisi, Tolisso, Pawar, Boateng, Neuer are indeed all-stars made in heaven. Players like Chaz, Mushala, Kusans and Zilkeze are okay to play downwind, and expecting them to make a comeback against the wind is just like a dream.

对于拜仁,最明显的问题是主力阵容与替补阵容之间的差距太明显了。纳布利,勒万德,桑尼,穆勒,格雷兹卡,基米西,托里索,帕瓦尔,博阿滕,诺伊尔的确是天堂中的全明星。 Chaz,Mushala,Kusans和Zilkeze等玩家可以顺风而行,期望他们逆风复出就像梦一样。

However, even if the thin lineup is a bit difficult to deal with in the third line, Bayern is still "simplifying" the lineup. This summer, the team signed goalkeeper Nibel, defender Kwasi and Sane on the front line. All of them except Sane. It was signed as a talent reserve. In contrast, several players including Coutinho, Perisic, Thiago and Odriosola have already left.


Regardless of the four goalkeepers, Bayern’s first team has only 22 players available without injury, including Alaba and Harvey Martinez who may leave the team. So much so that Mueller couldn’t stand it and said: “I hope the team’s strength will be further strengthened.” The Bild pointed out that Bayern will have to fight in the Champions League, the German Cup and the Bundesliga before Christmas. There is a high probability of facing a double match in a week, and the thickness of the team's lineup has huge hidden dangers.

无论有四名门将,拜仁的一线队只有22名球员没有受伤,其中包括可能离开该队的阿拉巴和哈维·马丁内斯。如此之多以至于Mueller忍不住说:“我希望车队的实力会得到进一步加强。” Bild指出,拜仁将必须在圣诞节前参加冠军联赛,德国杯和德甲联赛。一周内有两场比赛有很高的可能性,而球队阵容的庞大也有巨大的潜在危险。

Calculated from the schedule, Bayern will play up to 57 games in the next 254 days. In other words, taking the winter break into account, this king's division will complete one game every 4.5 days on average. , This will be the devil's schedule like never before. Even if the world-class players in the team are hard-boiled bodies, it is impossible to always maintain excellent condition and high morale in the long season, and fight Hoffenheim, including Davis, Toliso, Gnab The performance of many players including inside has been abnormal.

根据时间表计算,拜仁在接下来的254天内最多可玩57场比赛。换句话说,考虑到寒假,这位国王的师将平均每4.5天完成一场比赛。 ,这将是魔鬼前所未有的时间表。即使团队中的世界一流球员都是顽强的身体,也无法始终保持长期良好的状态和高昂的士气,并与包括戴维斯,托里索,纳纳布在内的霍芬海姆作战。异常。

Is this scenario somewhat similar to last year's plot? Bayern once defeated Frankfurt 5-1 last season. After the game, the club decided to let Kovac out of class. Then there was the legend of Flick leading the way to wake up the Lions. It was just that Bayern’s problem was Kovac’s “scientific experiment”. "Total failure, the team lineup itself has no major loopholes. If you want to analogy, the defeat of Huocun is more like a replica of last year's German Super Cup, when Bayern lost 0-2 to Dortmund, and then Bayern urgently loaned Perisic from Inter Milan and Coutinho's miracle from Barcelona. operating.

这种情况与去年的情节有些相似吗?拜仁上赛季曾以5-1击败法兰克福。比赛结束后,俱乐部决定让科瓦奇退出比赛。然后是传说亚博ag登录中的弗里克(Flick)引领醒狮的方式。拜仁的问题只是科瓦奇的“科学实验”。 “完全失败,球队阵容本身没有重大漏洞。如果要类比,击败霍存更像是去年德国超级杯的复制品,当时拜仁以0-2不敌多特蒙德,然后拜仁紧急借给佩里西奇来自国际米兰,来自巴塞罗那的库蒂尼奥奇迹。

In any case, the season has just begun. A loss ended Bayern's winning streak, but it can also let the players lose their baggage and let the senior management realize the problem. The triple crown makes Bayern very glorious, but the team should not ignore the "lucky" in the special context. Compared with the chaotic whole European football, they can finish the league cup and finish the cup with ease. Playing in the Champions League, this helped Bayern to a certain extent.


Germans are rigorous, they have always possessed a sense of crisis; Bayern is striving for self-improvement, and they have never resigned themselves to fall. After a disastrous defeat, we can completely expect a lion to regain its shape, a new journey belonging to Bayern has just begun.


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