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With six points in three games, the only loss was at Anfield, which was a good start for Arsenal, but their recent two performances are worrying.


They are inferior to West Ham and Liverpool in terms of expected goals in these two games, and they have lost many opportunities. Only West Brom has created fewer opportunities than Arsenal in this season so far.


Arteta now arranges the two of Xhaka and Ernene to form a midfielder, but they can't move forward well and can't create opportunities. A more forward-thinking midfielder will greatly improve Arsenal's overall level.


Partey will undoubtedly improve their midfield, but he is not suitable for this creative model. He is more of a saboteur and protector.


Oyar is a lovely player. He recently played as a forward in Lyon, but if he is a creative midfielder, his statistics are not outstanding (0.09 xA per game in the 19/20 season). Ceballos showed only the same xA data in the Premier League last season.

Oyar是一位可爱的球员。他最近在里昂(Lyon)担任前锋,但是如果他是一名富有创造力的中场球员,他的统计数据并不出色(19/20赛季每场比赛0.09 xA)。 Ceballos在上赛季的英超联赛中只显示了相同的xA数据。

Coutinho was a real surprise for Arsenal, but his outstanding performance in Koeman’s first game with Barcelona, ​​so he is unlikely to be allowed to leave. His organizational ability is unquestionable, but to get him, Arsenal need to pay some price.


So far, Aston Villa has performed well. Two wins and two goals without conceding. This was a fantastic start for the team that survived the last day of last season. One of Villa's new aid, goalkeeper Damian Martinez contributed a lot.

到目前为止,阿斯顿维拉表现良好。两场胜利和两粒进球,却不失步。对于在上赛季最后一天幸存下来的球队来说,这是一个了不起的开始。比利亚的新援之一,守门员达米安·马丁内斯(Damian Martinez)贡献了很多。

In fact, I can even say that Vera is actually very good overa亚博ag登录ll so far. They have solved most of the gaps that need to be filled.


And Smith recently signed another midfielder, Ross Barkley will be loaned to them for a season. Although some people are skeptical of him, Barkley's offensive data has an impressive performance in last season's "No. 8 Player".


Ruben Loftus-Cheek is also associated with Vera, but now that Barkley has been introduced, it seems unlikely that Vera will arrange his transfer. The young Englishman had limited playing time (252 minutes) due to injury last season. In the 18/19 season, he only started 6 games under Surrey, although he averaged 0.27 xG/avg and scored 6 games that season. Goal.

Ruben Loftus-Cheek也与Vera相关,但是既然引入了Barkley,Vera似乎不太可能安排他的调动。上个赛季由于受伤,这位年轻的英国人上场时间有限亚博ag登录(252分钟)。在18/19赛季,他只在萨里(Surrey)下开始了6场比赛,尽管他的平均得分为0.27 xG / avg,并且在那个赛季得分6场。目标。

Attacking midfielder Milot Rasica performed very well in the relegation play-offs of the 19/20 season. He averaged 0.37 xGI/avg per game, and he was still struggling with injuries in the second half of the season. . He is more like a wide player.

进攻型中场Milot Rasica在19/20赛季的保级附加赛中表现出色。他平均每场比赛0.37 xGI / avg,但在赛季后半段他仍在为受伤而挣扎。 。他更像一个广泛的球员。

Brighton is one of the most impressive teams in the Premier League this season.


They have changed three guards, which seems to be the best lineup. So far, the Seagulls have an advantage in non-penalty xG statistics in all three games-their opponents are Chelsea and Manchester United.


The 3-5-2 formation is very effective, but there are only two known forwards in Brighton, Neil Mopai and Aaron Connolly. These two starting forwards have been outstanding so far this season, but They can buy another person as a substitute.


Since joining the Super League supremacy, Odessang Edward’s goals in the Celtics’ games could not be stopped. To be precise, he scored 41 goals in 64 games. He will be the smooth forward of Brighton. The best candidate. According to reports, the reward he received from the Celtics was the coveted £30 million, and given the current situation in Brighton, I think they are unlikely to pay that much.

自加入超级联赛以来,奥德桑·爱德华(Odessang Edward)在凯尔特人队比赛中的进球无可阻挡。确切地说,他在64场比赛中攻入41球。他将是布莱顿的平稳前锋。最佳人选。据报道,他从凯尔特人那里得到的奖励是令人垂涎的3000万英镑,考虑到布赖顿的当前局势,我认为他们不太可能支付那么多钱。

Ryan Brewster is a young player who seems superfluous in the current Liverpool lineup. After spending some time in Swansea in the 19/20 season, he may be loaned out again this season. He averaged 0.38 xG per game in the Championship last season.

瑞恩·布鲁斯特(Ryan Brewster)是一位年轻球员,在目前的利物浦阵容中似乎是多余的。在19/20赛季在斯旺西度过一段时间之后,他可能会在本赛季再次被租借出去。上赛季,他平均每场获得0.38 xG的冠军。

In fact, since the Premier League rematch, Burnley has been short of manpower for some time, and of course injuries are also one of the reasons. Ashley Barnes, Robbie Brady, John Goodmondsson, Jay Rodriguez, Jack Cork and James Tarkovsky were all absent from Burnley weekend The game against Southampton.

实际上,自从英超联赛复赛以来,伯恩利已经缺乏了一段时间的人手,当然受伤也是原因之一。 Ashley Barnes,Robbie Brady,John Goodmondsson,Jay Rodriguez,Jack Cork和James Tarkovsky不在伯恩利周末对阵南安普敦的比赛中。

In fact, the current Burnley lineup is very thin. They had four youth team players as substitutes in that game.


Players need a good body to support the team. When they fully recover, they can form a very competitive Premier League team. Sean Dyche continues to seek transfer funds from the club, but if he does, it would be wise to sign a winger. In the past three months, Deitch has been using left-back Eric Peters as a winger.

球员需要一个良好的身体来支持球队。当他们完全康复时,他们可以组建一支极富竞争力的英超球队。肖恩·迪切(Sean Dyche)继续寻求俱乐部的转会资金,但如果他这样做,签下一个边锋是明智的。在过去的三个月中,迪奇一直在使用左后卫埃里克·彼得斯作为边锋。

After signing midfielder Stephens from Brighton, Burnley is reportedly seeking a loan from Liverpool winger Harry Wilson to Bournemouth last season.


Jotta's arrival further compressed Wilson's chances, but the Welshman's performance on this struggling team last season was impressive, averaging 0.23 xG and 0.12 xA per game.

Jotta的到来进一步压缩了Wilson的机会,但威尔士人上赛季在这支挣扎的球队中的表现令人印象深刻,平均每场比赛0.23 xG和0.12 xA。

His ability will be very suitable for an organized and straightforward Burnley.


Under Lampard's leadership, Chelsea finished fourth last season, even though they should have won a higher position, and they were more relaxed in the competition for a Champions League seat.


Potential statistics show that they are wasting goal opportunities (69 goals, 78.3 xGF). Chelsea hopes to solve this problem by introducing offensive players, and they have conceded more goals than expected (54 goals, 45.9 xGA).

潜在的统计数据表明,他们正在浪费目标机会(69个目标,78.3 xGF)。切尔西希望通过引进进攻型球员来解决这个问题,他们已经失球多于预期(54个进球,45.9 xGA)。

Most of the problems have been attributed to Copa, and Chelsea has recently brought in Edward Mendy to solve this problem, but despite the signing of Thiago Silva, defensive errors by the four-back are still common.


Although they have a large number of central defenders to choose from, they do not have a dominant person to play a role. If they are to sign another central defender, one or two of them will have to leave.


Chelsea basically signed everyone who had close contact with them this summer, except for Declan Rice, who asked for a high price.


It's hard to imagine how Rice will improve this Chelsea team because the Blues have so many options in midfield.


As far as the possession midfield is concerned, despite Jorginho's many shortcomings, he is good at pushing forward, and Billy Gilmour also shows signs that he can take over this position.

就控球中场而言,尽管有Jorginho的许多缺点,他还是擅长推进,而Billy Gilmour也显示出他可以接任这一职位的迹象。

There are rumors that Lampard might want to sign Rice and make him a central defender. His versatility really allows him to be a central defender.


Crystal Palace has scored 6 points in three games and their victory at Old Trafford has attracted attention.

水晶宫(Crystal Palace)在三场比赛中得到6分,他们在老特拉福德(Old Trafford)的胜利引起了人们的关注。

Zaha reached his best form (2.09xG, 3 goals), which is very beneficial to the Hawks' frontcourt.


Hodgson has become a 4-4-2 formation this season. Although it has produced undeniable results so far, its limitations will eventually be exposed as the season progresses. Zaha and Ayou have been used as forwards together and it is clear that the club may need another scoring option.


According to reports, Crystal Palace is in a leading position in the fight for Bin Lahama, and the ability of the Algerians to transfer to the Premier League is obvious.


Bin Lahama played an important role in the success of Brentford last season. He scored 17 goals (16.10 xG) in the English Champions League and also contributed 9 assists (9.58 xA). He The speed and ability to defeat opponents will greatly enhance the team.

本·拉哈马(Bin Lahama)在上赛季布伦特福德(Brentford)的成功中发挥了重要作用。在英格兰冠军联赛中,他攻入17球(16.10 xG),还贡献9助攻(9.58 xA)。他击败对手的速度和能力将极大地增强球队。

Although the club chairman refuted the report that Crystal Palace intends to acquire Bin Lahama, this link has not disappeared, indicating that something may be brewing.


Sheffield United and Brighton have also been associated with Liverpool’s young players in recent days. Although the possibility of a transfer is very small, this will prove to be a brilliant decision. He made a deep impression in Swansea, but if he is introduced, someone must leave because the Crystal Palace has already leased Bashuayi.


Under Ancelotti's leadership, Everton's performance last season was full of hope. Toffees averaged 2.17 xGF per game before the Premier League suspension.

在安切洛蒂的领导下,埃弗顿上赛季的表现充满了希望。在英超联赛停赛之前,太妃糖平均每场比赛2.17 xGF。

Although their results were affected after the rematch, they have started the season perfectly, winning all three games, and have excellent basic data (average 2.50 xGF and 0.76 xGA per game).

尽管他们的成绩在复赛后受到影响,但他们已经完美地开始了本赛季,赢得了三场比赛,并且拥有出色的基本数据(每场平均2.50 xGF和0.76 xGA)。

Especially thanks to the delivery of James Rodríguez, Calwater Lewin performed well, scoring 5 goals (3.65 xG).

尤其要感谢詹姆斯·罗德里格斯(JamesRodríguez)的交锋,卡尔沃特·莱温(Calwater Lewin)表现出色,打进5球(3.65 xG)。

Although Everton has had a perfect start, people have begun to question Pickford's ability, despite Ancelotti's open support for the England national.


Pickford had a poor performance against West Brom, losing two goals that were considered low (6% and 5%), and the goalkeeper recently made an unforgivable mistake , Gave Fleetwood a goal in the League Cup.


According to our xG2 model, he did not perform well last season, and I suspect he will let Everton concede a few more goals.


Since most of Everton’s transfer transactions have been effectively completed, in the past few days, Everton has only been in contact with a few players, and the club seems to be looking for another central defender.


According to reports, Ancelotti has made an offer for Demiral. Although the 22-year-old played only 7 minutes in the Juventus opener, Pirlo believes that Demiral is still in his position. Plan, and Juventus has rejected his offer.


According to reports, Chelsea's Kurt Zuma is also on Ancelotti's list, and now that Leicester City has withdrawn from the fight against him, he can increase Everton's much-needed defense depth.

据报道,切尔西的库尔特·祖马(Kurt Zuma)也在安切洛蒂(Ancelotti)的名单上,而如今莱斯特城已经退出与他的战斗,他可以增加埃弗顿急需的防守深度。

For Fulham, the happy memories of qualifying for the Premier League now seem to be far away, and the club has returned to the top league in a disastrous way. Their defensive weakness is obvious, and other teams have relentlessly used this.


Interestingly, although this is worrying, four teams have performed worse than him in Expected Goals (xGA) this season-West Brom, Leeds United, Newcastle and Wolves.


If Scott Parker can't attract some new players to strengthen their defense, they will go further and further down the road to relegation.

如果斯科特·帕克(Scott Parker)无法吸引一些新球员来加强防守,那么他们将在降级的道路上走得越来越远。

Fulham recently lost 3-0 at home to Aston Villa. After the game, the Fulham boss vowed to strengthen their defense on social media.


Fulham is associated with two players at different stages of their careers, Crystal Palace's Scott Dan and Norwich's Ben Godfrey.

富勒姆(Fulham)与两个处于不同职业阶段的球员相关联,分别是水晶宫(Crystal Palace)的斯科特丹(Scott Dan)和诺里奇(Norwich)的本·戈弗雷(Ben Godfrey)。

The battle for Godfrey looks fierce, and signing Dann is definitely a pragmatic way. Signing a tried-and-tested Premier League defender will bring valuable experience. At this stage, Fulham desperately needs a defensive contract.


Leeds United returned to the Premier League and became the focus at Anfield. They showed their strength in a thrilling game. Although they only created 0.33xG, they scored 3 goals (xG: LIV 3.12-0.33 LEE) .

利兹联队重返英超并成为安菲尔德的焦点。他们在激动人心的比赛中表现出了自己的实力。尽管他们只创造了0.33xG,但他们打进了3个进球(xG:LIV 3.12-0.33 LEE)。

Under Bielsa's leadership, Leeds tended to have an advantage in xG data last season, although it is undeniable that they often waste opportunities. However, it is strange that at the beginning of the season they showed another unusual performance, scoring 8 goals on the basis of 3.1 xGF, but only created a good opportunity for non-penalty kicks (xG>0.35).

在Bielsa的领导下,上赛季利兹倾向于在xG数据中占据优势,尽管不可否认的是,他们经常浪费机会。然而,奇怪的是,他们在本赛季初又表现出另一项不寻常的表现,在3.1 xGF的基础上打进8球,但仅创造了一个非罚球的好机会(xG> 0.35)。

This level of super-level performance is often unsustainable. If Leeds wants to continue their scoring level, they may need to increase their attack output, and adding an attacking midfielder seems to be a reasonable choice.


According to reports, Michael Kusans is about to move from Bayern Munich to Leeds United. Despite the limited xG data on the young player, Kusanz has been compared with Özil, although he is usually a little behind the Arsenal player.


Bielsa has also been widely reported as a suitor of Daniel James, although it seems unlikely that Manchester United will approve his transfer. James can add energy to Leeds United, his contribution last season is not bad-6 assists (4.67 xA) and 3 goals (3.37 xG). There is no doubt that under Bielsa's leadership, he can improve.

比尔萨也被广泛报道为丹尼尔·詹姆斯的追随者,尽管曼联似乎不太可能批准他的转会。詹姆斯可以为利兹联队增添活力,他上赛季的贡献还不错,包括6次助攻(4.67 xA)和3个进球(3.37 xG)。毫无疑问,在贝尔萨的领导下,他可以有所进步。

The Fox team had a good start to the new season, winning three games, the most notable of which was defeating Manchester City 5-2 away.


In the Premier League, Rodgers has twice opted to use Endidi as a central defender, and Endidi's versatile player is an important factor in Leicester's success. However, unfortunately for Leicester, Endidi may miss 6-12 weeks of the game after the injury, so signing a central defender during this window is crucial.


At the other end of the field, Vardy once again proved that age is just a number. He has scored 5 goals (3.79 xG, 1.24 xG per game). There is no doubt that he will continue to threaten the opponent's goal.

在领域的另一端,瓦迪再次证明年龄只是个数字。他打进了5个进球(每场比赛3.79 xG,1.24 xG)。毫无疑问,他将继续威胁对手的进球。

Lester is aware of their need for the back line, and it is reported that they have reached an agreement with Saint-Etienne on the transfer fee of young central defender Wesley Fofana. At only 19 years old, Fofana has quickly become one of the hottest players in Ligue 1.

莱斯特意识到他们需要后援,据报道,他们已经与圣艾蒂安就年轻中后卫韦斯利·福法纳的转会费达成协议。 Fofana只有19岁,已迅速成为Ligue 1中最热门的球员之一。

Fofana will bring an aggressive and agile defense to Leicester City, coupled with his natural speed and ability to read the game, this will make him an excellent addition.


It is difficult for us to criticize Liverpool's lineup, which dominated the Premier League last season.


Liverpool’s performance at the beginning of the season was also incredible, averaging 2.76 xGF and 0.90 xGA per game, reaching the highest level.

利物浦在本赛季初的表现也令人难以置信,平均每场比赛2.76 xGF和0.90 xGA,达到最高水平。

Therefore, the possibility of the Red Army defending the league title is further rising.


Klopp seems very satisfied with the current lineup. The addition of Cimicas, Thiago and Chota filled the gaps in the already strong lineup.

克洛普似乎对目前的阵容非常满意。 Cimicas,Thiago和Chota的加入填补了已经强大的阵容中的空白。

Therefore, all current Liverpool rumors are related to the transfer.


Sunday's home defeat to Leicester 2-5, which may mean that Manchester City has not yet reached the level of challenging Liverpool again. However, they were ravaged by injuries at the beginning of the 2020/21 season and lost many key players.


The arrival of Ruben Diaz this week filled the gap in the defense on the right, leaving only a "problem area" for Manchester City.

鲁本·迪亚兹(Ruben Diaz)上周的到来填补了右侧防守中的空白,曼彻斯特城仅留下了一个“问题区”。

That is, looking for a substitute for Benjamin Mendy. Mendy has been fighting injuries since he came to Manchester City. This seems to be the only position Manchester City needs to strengthen.


Ajax's Taliafico is the number one target, but Zinchenko is believed to need to be sold before new players can join.


Taliafico averaged 0.37 xGI per game in the Eredivisie last season, highlighting his strength as an offensive full-back. If Manchester City sign him, he will make a big contribution.

Taliafico上赛季在Eredivisie场均贡献0.37 xGI的平均得分,突显了他作为进攻型后卫的实力。如果曼城签下他,他将做出巨大贡献。

Alaba is also considered a potential target, but given Bayern’s recent success, he is unlikely to leave Bayern.


Many people are talking about Manchester United's defensive problems, but the solid defense is the main reason that Manchester United ranked third with an impressive record of 1.13 xGA per game last season.

许多人都在谈论曼联的防守问题,但是扎实的防守是曼联上赛季以1.13 xGA的惊人战绩排名第三的主要原因。

It is undeniable that this defensive team seems to be unstable in the 20/21 season, but it is also difficult for them to create open opportunities in the offense. They did not perform well in the game against Crystal Palace and the game against Brighton. Zhong relied on personal flashes and the final penalty to "unreasonably" get three points.

不可否认,这支防守球队在20/21赛季似乎不稳定,但是他们在进攻中创造公开机会也很困难。他们在对阵Crystal Palace和对阵Brighton的比赛中表现不佳。钟先生依靠个人闪光,最终的罚则是“不合理地”得到3分。

Mason Greenwood is an incredible genius, but he lacks creativity. Perhaps his shooting ability is best suited to be a forward. James' performance was disappointing, so Manchester United's striker still has room for improvement.

梅森·格林伍德(Mason Greenwood)是一位不可思议的天才,但他缺乏创造力。也许他的投篮能力最适合成为前锋。詹姆斯的表现令人失望,因此曼联的前锋仍有提升的空间。

Sancho's transfer continues. Dortmund has determined their prices, while Manchester United continues to keep prices down, but Dortmund is not eager to give up their star assets.


Sancho's 19/20 season was perfect, with 17 goals (9.78 xG) and 16 assists (9.99 xA). In addition to scoring goals, he can also provide much-needed creativity on the right.

Sancho的19/20赛季非常完美,他有17个进球(9.78 xG)和16个助攻(9.99 xA)。除了得分目标,他还可以在右侧提供急需的创造力。

Manchester United is also associated with Dembele, who has been suffering from injuries since he came to Barcelona, ​​which will make Dortmund worry about Sancho's transfer. If Sancho’s transfer fails, Dembele is still an excellent supplement, provided that he manages to maintain his health.


Newcastle is a strange example. Most people think they have enough talent in the offensive position, especially after getting Callum Wilson and Ryan Fraser in the summer.


However, they were one of the worst offensive teams in the Premier League last season, averaging only 1.07 xGF per game, and the start of the season was similar.

但是,他们是上赛季英超联赛中进攻最差的球队之一,平均每场比赛只有1.07 xGF,赛季开始时也是如此。

I think this is the reason for the head coach Steve Bruce, not the lack of talented players.


The lack of depth of central defenders is obvious, especially when they are going to play three defenders.


Smalling performed well during his loan to Roma last season, often being selected to Infogol's Serie A team of the week. If they are willing to spend money, he will be a good supplement.


Daniel Rugani of Juventus, he was once considered a promising player for the national team. This will be an exciting signing, but it may take some time for him to adapt. Does Newcastle have such time?

尤文图斯的丹尼尔·鲁加尼(Daniel Rugani),曾经被认为是国家队的有前途的球员。这将是一个令人兴奋的签约,但他可能需要一些时间才能适应。纽卡斯尔有这样的时间吗?

Sheffield United have not scored in the three games so far this season. Despite creating a 3.70 xG data, they still lost the game 0 to 3.

谢菲尔德联队本赛季迄今为止在三场比赛中均未得分。尽管创建了3.70 xG数据,他们仍然输掉了比赛0比3。

Although Oliver McBuney and David McGoldrick have made obvious contributions in other areas, they have been struggling to find a chance to score goals in the Premier League, while Les Musset was absent due to injury .

尽管奥利弗·麦克布尼(Oliver McBuney)和大卫·麦克高德里克(David McGoldrick)在其他领域做出了明显贡献,但他们一直在努力寻找机会在英超联赛中进球,而莱斯·穆塞特(Les Musset)因受伤缺席。

Therefore, they desperately need a shooter


Wilder has made it clear that Brewster is his main goal and hopes his boss can make a decision before the transfer deadline on Monday.


The 20-year-old player does not seem to be in Liverpool's plan for this season. If he wants to continue to develop, it is best to play in the top league.


After defeating Manchester City last season and averaging 1.74 xGF and 1.41 xGA per game after the rematch, this season is full of hope for Southampton. However, any ambitious goals for the Saints have been quickly suppressed. So far, The club only scored 3 points in three games.

在上赛季击败曼城并在复赛后场均得到1.74 xGF和1.41 xGA后,本赛季对南安普敦充满了希望。但是,圣徒的任何雄心勃勃的目标都被迅速压制。到目前为止,俱乐部在三场比赛中只得到3分。

They behaved strangely in the game against Tottenham. Southampton seemed to be in control of the game until Sun Xingmin equalized at halftime (halftime xG: SOU 1.40-0.10 TOT).

他们在与热刺的比赛中表现异常。南安普顿似乎一直在控制比赛,直到孙兴民在半场结束前扳平比分(半场xG:SOU 1.40-0.10 TOT)。

In the second half, Tottenham created 2.14 xG, taking full advantage of the huge gap between the home team's midfield and the back line.

下半场,托特纳姆热刺充分利用了主队中场与后卫之间的巨大差距,创造了2.14 xG的战绩。

In the most recent game, Denise scored early in the away game against Burnley, winning Southampton’s first victory of the season, but it is clear that the club needs an extra midfielder to improve the club. The strength of Heibel has not yet found a suitable replacement.

在最近的比赛中,丹尼斯(Denise)在客场对阵伯恩利(Burnley)的比赛中得分高,赢得了南安普敦(Southampton)本赛季的首场胜利,但很明显,该俱乐部需要一名额外的中场球员来改善俱乐部。 Heibel的实力尚未找到合适的替代者。

Southampton prepared to compete with West Brom for Encham before the transfer window closed. The former Manchester City player also attracted suitors from all over Europe.


Encham joined the Celtics in 2017 and has become a key player for the Soviet superpower. The transfer history between the Saints and the Celtics is also very favorable. Before Wanyama and Van Dyke were both Came from Glasgow to the south coast.

恩查姆(Encham)于2017年加入凯尔特人队,并已成为苏联超级大国的重要角色。圣徒和凯尔特人之间的转会历史也非常有利。在Wanyama和Van Dyke都从格拉斯哥来到南海岸之前。

Tottenham have only one win in the Premier League this season, even though they almost scored three points against Newcastle at home last weekend.


This summer, although Mourinho made some additions, signing Dougherty, Huibel, Reggie Ron and Bale, the Portuguese has already hinted that his spending will not stop there.


Kane is undoubtedly one of the best forwards in the world. Despite suffering from injuries last season, he still scored 18 goals (12.97 xG), although it is worth noting that Kane has set his five-year average per game. The worst record for xG-0.44 xG per game.

凯恩无疑是世界上最好的前锋之一。尽管上赛季遭受了伤病困扰,但他仍然打进18球(12.97 xG),尽管值得注意的是,凯恩(Kane)已将自己的平均每场比赛设定为五年。每场xG-0.44 xG的最差记录。

However, Kane is the only recognized center for Tottenham, and Sun Xingmin and Bale are likely to find their place in the scoring list. Tottenham need to sign another natural shooter, especially considering their games this season. Quantity.


So far, Milik's career has been plagued by injuries. For this Poland international, a brand new environment will be perfect.


Milik scored 17 goals for Naples in the 18/19 season (12.40 xG) and also scored in double digits last season. Despite being marginalized again for a long time, if Milik can stay healthy, he will be more than just Kane's powerful substitute.

米利克(Milik)在18/19赛季(12.40 xG)为那不勒斯(Naples)攻入17球,上赛季也取得了两位数的进球。尽管很长一段时间以来再次被边缘化,但如果Milik能够保持健康,他将不仅仅是Kane强有力的替代者。

Tottenham is also associated with Joshua King, the Bournemouth player has proven his experience in the Premier League. His best season with the Cherry team was in the 16/17 season, when the forward scored 16 goals (10.82 xG). It seemed a wise move to make sure to sign him.

托特纳姆热刺还与约书亚·金联系在一起,伯恩茅斯球员已经证明了他在英超联赛中的经验。他在Cherry队的最佳赛季是16/17赛季,当时前锋攻入16球(10.82 xG)。确保签下他似乎是明智之举。

West Brom has been struggling since returning to the Premier League and only scored one point in three games.

自回到英超联赛以来,西布朗(West Brom)一直在苦苦挣扎,在三场比赛中只拿到了1分。

Recently, they led Chelsea with 3 goals at the Hawthorn Stadium and looked likely to score three points, but the visiting team evened the score in stoppage time (xG: WBA 0.79-2.41 CHE). To be honest, this is the result Chelsea deserve, although they must sound the alarm.

最近,他们在霍索恩体育场(Hawthorn Stadium)带领切尔西(Chelsea)射入3个进球,看上去很可能获得3分,但客队在补时阶段将比分扳平(xG:WBA 0.79-2.41 CHE)。老实说,这是切尔西应得的结果,尽管他们必须发出警报。

Based on expected goals data, West Brom has the worst offensive and defensive records in the league, averaging 0.53 xGF and 3.06 xGA per game, which is incredibly bad.

根据预期的目标数据,西布朗在联盟中的进攻和防守记录最差,平均每场比赛0.53 xGF和3.06 xGA,这是非常糟糕的。

Therefore, it is difficult to determine the specific areas the club needs to improve, but only creating a good chance (xG>0.35) in the three games indicates that they should give priority to the center.

因此,很难确定俱乐部需要改进的特定领域,但是只有在三场比赛中创造出一个很好的机会(xG> 0.35)才表明他们应该优先考虑中锋。

According to reports, Karan Grant was the team's goal, and the Huddersfield striker had an impressive scoring record last season, scoring 19 goals (18.19 xG average 0.43 xG).

据报道,卡兰·格兰特(Karan Grant)是球队的进球,哈德斯菲尔德前锋上赛季的得分记录令人印象深刻,打进19球(18.19 xG平均0.43 xG)。

Slimani is another center associated with the Hawthorn team. Although the Algerian was disappointed when he was loaned to Newcastle two years ago, he has maintained a good scoring status in the Ligue 1 and scored last season. 9 balls (8.70 xG) were scored.

Slimani是与Hawthorn团队相关的另一个中心。尽管阿尔及利亚人两年前借给纽卡斯尔时感到失望,但他在Ligue 1上保持了良好的得分状态,并在上赛季得分。得分9球(8.70 xG)。

The decision of West Ham's board of directors frustrated fans and players alike. Despite losing two games and only winning one, the club's negativity was quickly replaced by hope. The Irons defeated Wolves 4-0 at home (xG: WHU 2.74-0.61 WOL).

西汉姆(West Ham)董事会的决定使球迷和球员感到沮丧。尽管输了两场比赛,但只赢了一场,但俱乐部的消极情绪很快被希望所取代。铁杆队在主场4-0击败了狼队(xG:WHU 2.74-0.61 WOL)。

Before this fierce game, West Ham unfortunately lost to Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. It was at this time that Yarmolenko opened his scoring account for the new season. Yarmolenko secured West Ham United’s position in the Premier League last season, averaging 0.67 xG per game. This indicator ranks among the elite of the league.

在这场激烈的比赛之前,西汉姆不幸在阿联酋球场输给了阿森纳。正是在这个时候,亚莫连科为新赛季开了他的得分帐户。雅莫连科(Yarmolenko)上赛季在西汉姆联(West Ham United)的英超联赛中排名第一,平均每场比赛0.67 xG。该指标跻身联盟精英之列。

West Ham began to become like an offensively smooth and cohesive team, so it is worthwhile to strengthen their defense, especially at right back, Ryan Fredericks now has a hamstring injury.


Kufar is not a household name, he is currently playing for Slavia Prague, despite reports that the right-back is about to move to the London Stadium. The 28-year-old defender caught attention in his country's 2-1 victory over England last year.


Under Nuno's leadership, the Wolves have become one of the most stable teams in the Premier League. In terms of expected goals, he was the second best defensive team in the league last season (1.08 xGA per game).

在努诺的领导下,狼队已经成为英超联赛中最稳定的球队之一。就预期进球而言,他是上赛季联盟第二好的防守球队(每场比赛1.08 xGA)。

However, although they won the first game, they later lost to Manchester City, and worryingly, they lost 4-0 to West Ham United.


When the Premier League champion made a transfer request, it seemed that Jota’s transfer to Liverpool seemed inevitable, and Semedo had already transferred from Barcelona to fill the vacancy left by Doherty after his departure. People were worried that the Wolves had not yet acted for Jota. Provide an effective replacement.


In the past two seasons, Jota has scored 16 goals (20.33 xG) for the Wolves, and it seems imperative to bring Molina a forward.

在过去的两个赛季中,若塔为狼队打进16球(20.33 xG),这似乎是使莫利纳取得进步的必要条件。

The relationship between Mendes and the Wolves is no secret, and Mendes’s other client Douglas Costa has also recently contacted the Wolves. Costa, who once played for Bayern Munich and now plays for Juventus, will undoubtedly improve the Wolves' striker. This transfer will benefit all parties in the short term.


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