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Kylian Mbappé, this name has brought too many surprises to fans in recent years. In the 2016~2017 season, the 18-year-old Mbappé scored 15 goals in the French Ligue 1 and also scored 6 goals in the Champions League, becoming the hottest young player in football.


In 2018, Mbappé once again refreshed people's perception of him. According to statistics, Mbappé participated in all the matches of the French team in the World Cup in Russia and scored 4 goals. More importantly, two of the four goals Mbappe scored in the World Cup appeared in the 1/8 finals and one in the final. Throughout the history of the World Cup, there is only one player who can dedicate such a wonderful performance at the age of Mbappé, and that is Pele, who was born in the 1958 World Cup.


During the Russian World Cup, a reality show "This is the World Cup Men's Team" released a blockbuster: Mbappé was revealed to be the illegitimate son of the legendary Brazilian star Ronaldo!

在俄罗斯世界杯期间,真人秀节目“ This is the World Cup Men's Team”发行了大片:Mbappé被透露是传说中的巴西球星Ronaldo的私生子!

Daluo and Michelle Umeizhu

DA洛and Michelle U没住

The romantic history of Da Luo Fengliu no longer needs people to repeat.


As early as before the World Cup in Russia, Mbappe's brilliant performance in the club and the national team set off a "gossip wind" in football. "Football gentleman" Lineker once said: "Mbappé's running is'phenomenal', much like Brazil's'alien' Ronaldo." The fans even came up with the so-called "true evidence." : Although Ronaldo has never played for a French club, he followed Inter Milan to visit France three times from February to May 1998. And Mbappé's date of birth was December 20, 1998, and it was exactly one pregnancy period after Ronaldo visited France!

早在俄罗斯世界杯之前,姆巴佩在俱乐部和国家队的辉煌表现就引起了足球界的“八卦风”。莱纳克曾说过:“足球先生”是“现象”,就像巴西的“外星人”罗纳尔多一样。球迷们甚至提出了所谓的“真实证据”。 :尽管罗纳尔多从未参加过法国俱乐部的比赛,但他从1998年2月至1998年5月跟随国际米兰三度访问法国。姆巴佩的生日是1998年12月20日,恰好是罗纳尔多访问法国后的一个怀孕时期!

With the precedent of Alex, people can't help but wonder whether Ronaldo had any romantic affairs during his trip to France in 1998. Although there is no definite evidence, it is enough to make fans fanciful.


One stone caused a thousand waves of waves, and even the narrator Zhao Haichen regarded Mbappe's illegitimate son as a real thing. Many fans with big brai亚博网址下载ns even found more "real hammers": Why did Ronaldo feel weak during the 1998 World Cup finals in France? During the World Cup in Russia, why did Ronaldo appear in the knockout matches in France and Argentina?


Some people even start from the appearance of Mbappe and Daluo, speculating that the two of them are likely to be related by blood. In addition, the technical characteristics of Mbappe are similar to those of Ronaldo. For a time, the remarks that Mbappe is an illegitimate son of Ronaldo can be said to have intensified.


Mbappé and his father


First of all, Mbappé's parents are not mysterious figures. His father Wilfried Mbappé (Wifried Mbappé) is from Cameroon and is a famous football coach near Paris. Mbappé’s mother, Fayza Lamari, is from Algeria and is a handball player.

首先,姆巴佩的父母不是神秘人物。他的父亲威尔弗里德·姆巴佩(WifriedMbappé)来自喀麦隆,是巴黎附近的著名足球教练。姆巴佩的母亲Fayza Lamari来自阿尔及利亚,是手球运动员。

Sylvine Thomassin, the mayor of Bondi, Mbappe's hometown, unveiled Mbappe's childhood life in an interview with RMC. Sylvain Tomasin said: "I am a friend of Mbappe's mother. His parents believe that there should not be only football in life. They ask Mbappe to go to school and even Mbappe to study music."

姆巴佩的故乡邦迪市长西尔维恩·托马森(Sylvine Thomassin)在接受RMC采访时揭露了姆巴佩的童年生活。西尔万·托马辛(Sylvain Tomasin)说:“我是姆巴佩妈妈的朋友。他的父母认为生活中不应该只有足球。他们要求姆巴佩上学,甚至要求姆巴佩学习音乐。”

Mbappé and his father


Sylvain Thomasin also introduced Mbappe’s father in particular: “If you meet those young people in Bundy who have learned to play football from Mbappe’s father, they will tell you that they have to Wilfred showed his overall academic evaluation. If someone fails to meet the requirements, they will be banned from participating in the competition."

西尔万·托马辛(Sylvain Thomasin)还特别介绍了姆巴佩的父亲:“如果您遇到班迪的年轻人,他们是从姆巴佩的父亲那里学习踢足球的,他们会告诉您,他们必须向威尔弗雷德(Wilfred)展示他的整体学术评价。如果某人不符合要求,将被禁止参加比赛。”

As we said earlier, Mbappé’s father was not an unknown person. What he does-football coach is destined to leave a deep impression on many people.


The French defender Saliba, who was loaned to Saint-Etienne by Arsenal, had studied under Wilfred. Although Saliba has never been a teammate with Mbappe, he often went to Mbappe's house to play when he was young. Saliba said: "Mbappé's father was my coach. I often go to his home. He is a real coach. He taught me everything. I must thank him for being able to go to this day."


After Mbappé became famous, Wilfred became his son's agent. When Mbappe's poor performance in the European Cup qualifiers was criticized by many, Wilfred stood up for his son in public: "My father often said,'A person who knows nothing is a wise man, because He knows to shut up', some people should ponder this sentence."


At the same time, Wilfred will never be stingy in complimenting his son: "My favorite player is Mbappé. I enjoy the feeling of standing up in the seat and cheering for him... Mbappé Almost all my dreams have been realized, and I also want him to win other things."


Daluo and his eldest son


Secondly, there is some wishful thinking about Mbappe's illegitimate son because of his superior skills and similar style. Take Ronald’s two sons as an example. Although his eldest son Ronald has received formal football training since he was a child, his football talent does not seem to be high, and he eventually became an MMA fighter. Now Ronald's career has changed again. By chance, he forged a good relationship with music, so he changed his career to become a DJ.


After Daluo adopted his second son, Alex, he also began to cultivate his interest in football. As early as when he played for Corinthians, Ronaldo took Alex to the training ground many times, hoping that the daily training of professional players can help his son's football path. However, it is a bit regrettable that Daluo's second son does not seem to inherit the extraterrestrial outstanding football talent. Not only did Alex fail to become a professional football player, he entered the game anchor industry instead.


From the current situation of Mbappé, he has become one of the top superstars in the Ligue 1 league. However, considering the weak competitiveness of Ligue 1 in the five major leagues, in addition, Mbappé played for Paris in recent years has played a "dominant" role. Therefore, if the French star wants to further enhance his position in football, he also needs to lead Paris to make a difference in the Champions League where the masters gather.

从姆巴佩的现状来看,他已经成为Ligue 1联赛中的顶级超级巨星之一。但是,考虑到Ligue 1在五个大联盟中的竞争力较弱,此外,姆巴佩在近年来为巴黎效力的比赛中发挥了“主导”作用。因此,如果这位法国球星想要进一步提高自己在足球界的地位,他还需要带领巴黎在大师们聚集的欧洲冠军联赛中有所作为。

In summary,


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