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亚博网址下载_争冠和培养年轻人之间 卡纳瓦罗小心地掌握着平衡
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亚博网址下载_争冠和培养年轻人之间 卡纳瓦罗小心地掌握着平衡

Source: Ricky Maestro

资料来源:Ricky Maestro

   The news on October 13th was that Evergrande took 1 15-year-old and 2 16-year-old football school children to Suzhou to compete in the second stage of the league. Cannavaro selected them into the first team.


   This news was obviously created.


   If you tell me that there are children in China who are talented and capable enough to squeeze into the first team of Evergrande, I don’t believe it. But then again, it did happen, then it is real news, not fake news. It depends on how you look at it.


   You can say that Evergrande has forced three children into the first team to promote the youth training. You can also say that Evergrande is now leaving more space and space for children. For these three children, being able to train under Cannavaro with the first team in a high-intensity and fast-paced manner for a month or two is not a bad thing, right?


   As for whether the children are worthy of entering the first team, that is Evergrande’s own business. As far as I know, Cannavaro really watched the children's game on the sidelines on the afternoon of October 12th, and then he chose these 3 people. The proposition composition is the proposition composition, but he also does it himself.


   I feel Cannavaro is okay now.


   Between the two seemingly contradictory tasks of competing for the championship and cultivating young people, Cannavaro has been carefully controlling the balance.


   Hengda’s operating methods are always rare. The Chinese Football Association stipulates that the first-team registration list shall not exceed 30 people, but before the start of the season, Evergrande created a 50-member first-team list. The purpose of course is to include the football students, and the external release pays attention to youth training and the youth training gradually gains. signal of. The level of youth training ultimately needs to be measured by the players' performance in the first-team game. Obviously, this stage is not the time to make judgments.


   But Cannavaro is actively cooperating with the boss's intentions.


   This season, five 19-year-old college graduates including Tan Kaiyuan, Permanjiang and Wang Shilong have entered the first team registration list. Evergrande is good at filling every hole that is beneficial to itself-because there are 5 substitution opportunities in every game during the epidemic, Cannavaro has sent nearly 20 times to football school on the premise of ensuring the team's performance. The players play.


   When Tan Kaiyuan scored a goal for Evergrande in the FA Cup, it was of course the promotional material for Evergrande’s youth training.


   Since taking over the Evergrande coach for the second time, Cannavaro has done his homework on the issue of the team's replacement and rejuvenation.


   The 2019 championship season Evergrande has a亚博ag登录ctually completed a blood exchange. The number of league appearances can prove this point: Gao Lin 17 times, Feng Xiaoting 16 times, Zheng Zhi 16 times, Li Xuepeng 13 times, Yu Han Chao 6 times, Zeng Cheng 4 times.


At the same time, look at Liu Dianzuo (of course he is young as a goalkeeper) 26 times, Micro Motion Wing 24 times, Wei Shihao 25 ​​times, Yang Liyu 27 times, Zhong Yihao 19 times, Yan Dinghao 15 times, Zhang Xiuwei 20 times, and Deng Hanwen 14 times . He won the championship while changing his blood. Cannavaro is not the best coach in the league this year. It is also interesting.


   This champion established Cannavaro's solid position. Evergrande sent away a group of meritorious veterans at the beginning of the year, and Cannavaro's authority in the locker room was further consolidated.


   The scene where Wei Shihao was kicked ass by Cannavaro when he left the field this year, if you zoom in, it is not an action, but an atmosphere.


   The team maintained their confidence and domineering despite the relaxation.


   The results of Evergrande in the first stage of this year can be said to be very good. The average card strength of Group A is stronger, and Evergrande’s points are higher than the first SIPG in Group B. No one is talking about Cannavaro's handsome position anymore, which means he did a good job.

恒大今年第一阶段的业绩可以说是非常不错的。 A组的平均发牌强度更高,恒大的积分也高于B组中的第一个SIPG。没有人再谈论Cannavaro的帅气了,这意味着他做得很好。

   Although Cannavaro has taken a corporate culture class, can he accept Evergrande’s management culture in his heart? How many football school kids must be packed in, he must accept it?


   Cannavaro is a smart and motivated but not very ego person. In public, Cannavaro's most confident aspect does not appear in Lippi's lofty, arrogant, and impatience.


   He is used to knocking on the door ceremoniously when he walks into the press room with his head high, but lazily shouts hello to the media to signal that he is coming in. I was deeply impressed by this scene because of his self-confidence as a relaxed or casual.


   His views and temper will not hide. He will complain about the league's competition system, approve the quality of the turf, and don't understand why Wei Shihao wants to go to the national team.


   He has repeatedly expressed his hope that the club will reinforce the position he wants to reinforce, saying that it is a bit difficult to compete for the AFC. He said that Golat is a baby that needs to be taken care of, which is an extremely tactful expression. His words are always convenient for the media to make headlines.


   Before the start of the season, he found that the media lineup was not enough in a commercial event, and some positions were strengthened, and it seemed that the boss was still a little dissatisfied. He praised China's great achievements in epidemic prevention and criticized the Italians for not doing a good job. He said more than once, it sounded sincere.


   Cannavaro is a man of temper, but at this point he is very good. Think about Cannavaro's helplessness last year when the double foreign aid and internal regulations caused a lot of injuries? But it also survived, and it didn't show up.


   Take Boss Xu’s salary, do what Boss Xu wants to do, and provide promotional materials while leading th亚博网址下载e team to win the championship trophy, then you should really look at the "cai card" with admiration.


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