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On September 7, 2018, Klopp sat down next to Shinji Kagawa. At that time, Dortmund held a farewell match for the meritorious goalkeeper Weidenfeller and invited Klopp to coach one of the teams: Dortmund Stars.


One day in late February, Shinji Kagawa was interviewed in the garden of his rented house in Zaragoza, and talked about the past.


"Klopp was worried about me. He felt that I didn't have enough games for Dortmund, even though I told him I was okay. Klopp knew me well, so he probably knew that I did have a problem. He told me, mine The style should be suitable for La Liga. In fact, I have long thought of playing in Spain."


During the days when Kagawa Shinji was depressed, Klopp encouraged him to cheer him up.


"Klopp told me that Dortmund was able to become a Bundesliga champion because I was a member of the team." Shinji Kagawa recalled with a smile, "The team won the championship because of all the players, but those words really improved. My confidence. He told me not to worry, I will never forget that moment."


A year later, Shinji Kagawa joined the Spanish club Zaragoza. As one of the most popular clubs in La Liga, Zaragoza hopes to build a team around Shinji Kagawa and work hard to return to La Liga.


After receiving the invitation from Zaragoza, Shinji Kagawa was very cautious at first. "My initial thought was:'Do I want to play in the second-tier league? I'm not yet 30 years old. Or, should I join another country's top league team?' The Spanish players chatted and they told me that the level of La Liga is higher than most other countries’ top leagues. But to be honest, I did not consider any country to play the second level league before.”

收到萨拉戈萨的邀请后,香川真司起初非常谨慎。 “我最初的想法是:'我想参加二线联赛吗?我还不到30岁。还是应该加入另一个国家的顶级联赛球队?'西班牙球员聊天,他们告诉我西甲联赛的水平高于大多数其他国家的顶级联赛。但是,老实说,我之前没有考虑过任何国家参加二级联赛。”

The reason why Shinji Kagawa is eager to go to Spain to play is because he admires Harvey and Iniesta at their peak. Zaragoza is currently ranked second in the second division of the Spanish League. The team has a group of local players full of potential. In Kagawa's view, they are fully capable of playing with the La Liga team.


"Zaragoza is really like a La Liga team in the second division. It has a stadium and many fans. The team is full of ambitions and hopes to return to the top league. Ander Herrera is also ours Hardcore fan, he said he wanted a Zaragoza jersey with my name on the back!"

“萨拉戈萨的确像是一支乙级联赛西甲球队。它拥有一个体育场和许多球迷。这支球队充满野心,希望重返顶级联赛。安德烈·埃雷拉(Ander Herrera)也是我们的铁杆球迷,他说他想要萨拉戈萨球衣,背面印有我的名字!”

In 1989, Shinji Kagawa was born in Kobe, the sixth largest city in Japan. In Japan at the time, football was not very popular-Manchester United and Everton played a friendly match in that city, but only attracted about 8,000 people to watch.


"The Japan Professional Football League was founded when I was four or five years old. I watched the broadcast on TV and sometimes watched football on the spot with my family. In my childhood, I used to play football and once represented a football team called Miyagi Barcelona. The club’s team (note: Barcelona’s junior football team) plays the game."

“日本职业橄榄球联盟成立于四,五岁。我在电视上看广播,有时和家人一起看足球。在我的童年时代,我曾经踢足球,曾经代表一支足球队宫城巴塞罗那(Miyagi Barcelona)。俱乐部的球队(注:巴塞罗那的少年足球队)参加比赛。”

At 5:46 am on January 17, 1995, the Great Hanshin Earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 erupted, killing 6,434 people, most of whom lived in Kobe. Shinji Kagawa clearly remembered the situation at that time.


"Father blocked the closet, otherwise it would hit us and it would be heavy because it was full of clothes. The (earthquake) seemed to last a long time." He recalled, "Mom took my sister and me in her arms , Protect us. We are frightened. There is no water in the house, so we have to go out every day to find... In my life, in the history of Kobe City, that earthquake was a major event. Thousands The planners lost their lives and homes."


How does Shinji Kagawa comment on the hometown team Seibu Kobe, run by the owner of the e-commerce giant Lotte Group Hiroshi Mikitani?

香川慎司如何评价由电商巨头乐天集团三木谷浩史(Hiroshi Mikitani)掌管的家乡团队神户西武(Seibu Kobe)?

"I have never played for Kobe Victory Boat, but I am very happy for that club because Podolski, Villa and Iniesta have all played for them. Iniesta has always been my idol. These players can help the team quickly rise in Japan and even in Asia. In addition, fighting alongside world-class players is also conducive to the growth of Japanese players."


Shinji Kagawa played for Osaka Sakura for four seasons and joined Dortmund in 2010 with a transfer fee of only 350,000 euros. Due to financial constraints, Dortmund's senior management set a cap (5 million euros) for each player's transfer fee, and the signing of Polish striker Lewandowski only spent 4.5 million euros for the club.


Before that, Shinji Kagawa had no knowledge of Dortmund and the team's coach Klopp. "But Dortmund is most interested in me. I went to Germany to see their home stadium. It was too big. I also talked to Klopp and then decided to sign with them. I feel very comfortable."

在此之前,香川真司不了解多特蒙德和球队的教练克洛普。 “但是多特蒙德对我最感兴趣。我去德国看了他们的主场。太大了。我也和克洛普谈过,然后决定与他们签约。我感到很舒服。”

Although Shinji Kagawa completed his debut in the Japanese national team in 2008, he was not selected for the 2010 World Cup Japanese team roster. He is determined to prove himself in the European League.

尽管香川伸司(Shinji Kagawa)于2008年完成了在日本国家队的处子秀,但他并未入选2010年世界杯日本队名单。他决心在欧洲联赛中证明自己。

"That defeat made me more motivated and eager to play in the highest level league in Europe. I want to prove that I have the ability to gain a foothold in the European League and be selected for the national team before the next World Cup." Shinji Kagawa said, "So I train hard every day and I am determined to succeed in Dortmund. My life is very simple, it is training, eating and resting."


"When I joined Dortmund, other players knew what Klopp wanted from them and had a team spirit. This made it easier for me to adapt to the new environment, as long as I could integrate into an already successful system... The overall atmosphere of the team is exciting, most of the teammates are very young and close to me in age."


In the 2010-11 season, Dortmund won the Bundesliga championship, and Shinji Kagawa became a hero in the hearts of Dortmund fans.


"Before Guardiola coached Bayern Munich, I had never lost a game against Bayern." Shinji Kagawa proudly said, "Klopp made the team better. Bayern has more money and more Brilliant history and better players. Klopp told us:'Bayern Munich is the German champion, always like this.' We are just challengers. Klopp doesn't want us to forget it, even if the team ranks first in the league table. He wants us to stay focused, concentrate on preparing for the next game, and not listen to what other people say."

“在瓜迪奥拉执教拜仁慕尼黑之前,我从未输过过对拜仁的比赛。”香川伸二(Shinji Kagawa)自豪地说道:“克洛普使球队变得更好。拜仁拥有更多的资金,更多的辉煌历史和更出色的球员。克洛普告诉我们:“拜仁慕尼黑一直是德国冠军,总是这样。”我们只是挑战者,即使球队排名联盟第一,克洛普也不希望我们忘记它;他希望我们保持专注,专心为下一场比赛做准备,而不听别人怎么说。 ”

"Klopp is passionate and I feel the deepest in the locker room before the game. He always embraces every player with a smile on his face and never gets nervous. I like his attitude and he gives us confidence."


In the 2010-11 season, Shinji Kagawa was nominated for the best team of the Bundesliga season, but his performance in the 2011-12 season was even more eye-catching: scoring 19 goals and assisting 13 times, helping the team defeat 5-2 in the German Cup final Bayern Munich won the domestic double crown.

在2010-11赛季,香川伸司(Shinji Kagawa)获得了德甲联赛最佳阵容的提名,但他在2011-12赛季的表现更加引亚博网址下载人注目:打进19球,助攻13次,帮助球队击败了5-在德国杯决赛中2拜仁慕尼黑获得了国内双冠王。

Many clubs richer than Dortmund are interested in Shinji Kagawa, including Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United. But for Shinji Kagawa, making choices is very easy. "My first reaction was: "Manchester United is a bigger club than Liverpool, Arsenal and Dortmund. I started to wait for their invitation and really wanted to play for Manchester United, although I was also very happy in Dortmund. "

许多比多特蒙德富裕的俱乐部都对香川伸二感兴趣,包括利物浦,阿森纳和曼联。但是对于香川慎司来说,做出选择非常容易。 “我的第一个反应是:“曼联比利物浦,阿森纳和多特蒙德还大。我开始等待他们的邀请,我真的很想为曼联效力,尽管我在多特蒙德也很开心。 ”

At the time, the former Manchester United coach Ferguson was looking for a player who could replace Paul Scholes. He had arranged for his assistant Mike Perrin twice to visit Dortmund to investigate Shinji Kagawa.

当时,前曼联教练弗格森(Ferguson)正在寻找可以取代保罗·斯科尔斯(Paul Scholes)的球员。他曾两次安排助手迈克·佩林(Mike Perrin)访问多特蒙德,对香川真司进行调查。

Before officially signing with Manchester United, Shinji Kagawa also made a request. "I want to talk to Ferguson face to face, wondering if he really wants me to play for Manchester United. In addition, I want to know where he intends to play for me."

在与曼联正式签约之前,香川伸司也提出了要求。 “我想和弗格森面对面交谈,想知道他是否真的要我为曼联效力。另外,我想知道他打算在哪里为我效力。”

"I met Ferguson at an airport, and Ferguson told me that he really wants me to play for Manchester United. My English is not very good, and it is difficult to understand what he said, but his meaning is very clear. Ferguson explained. , He hopes I can help Manchester United regain the Premier League title."

“我在机场遇见了弗格森,弗格森告诉我他真的希望我为曼联效力。我的英语不是很好,很难理解他说的话,但是他的意思很清楚。弗格森解释说。 ,他希望我能帮助曼联重获英超联赛冠军。”

Manchester United fans welcome Shinji Kagawa's joining, but in the dressing room, another new Manchester United player boosted the morale of the players.


"Van Persie is here too, everyone is happy. We have great players, but his arrival has made everyone more confident because he is the Premier League’s top scorer and was dug from our competitors. Here... we are ready to become Premier League champions again."

“范佩西(Van Persie)也在这里,每个人都很高兴。我们拥有出色的球员,但是他的到来使每个人都更加自信,因为他是英超联赛的最佳射手,并且是从我们的竞争对手中挖来的。在这里...我们准备成为英超联赛再次成为冠军。”

What are the differences between Dortmund and Manchester United? When asked this question, Shinji Kagawa thought for a while.


"Manchester United players have stronger personal abilities and Dortmund is more like a team. At Manchester United, everyone likes to talk about stars, such as Rooney, Van Persie, Giggs and Nani. Scholes is about to retire, but he is still A top player. He never stands in the middle in lap training because he never loses the ball."


"Giggs is older than Scholes, close to 40 years old, but still has excellent speed and skill. In addition, we also have Ferdinand, Vidic and Evra, they are the best defense in the world Players."


But Shinji Kagawa soon discovered that the competition in the Premier League was too fierce.


Shinji Kagawa made his home debut in a game between Manchester United and Fulham. "I played against Moussa Dembele. He is a very good and strong player. The game was very difficult. Although we won 3-2, I kept thinking on the way home:'If you and the lower ranked player It’s so difficult for the team to play games, so what will happen when playing against a strong team? "You know, we lost to Everton in the first game of the season. Fellaini (note: at the time) (For Everton) played in the same position as me, he scored a goal, I didn't."

香川真司在曼联和富勒姆之间的一场比赛中首次亮相。 “我曾与穆萨·登贝莱(Moussa Dembele)比赛。他是一位非常出色而强大的球员。比赛非常艰难。尽管我们以3比2获胜,但我一直在回家的路上思考:'如果您和排名较低的球员,那么球队打比赛,那么当与一支强大的球队比赛时会发生什么呢?“您知道,我们在本赛季的第一场比赛中输给了埃弗顿。费莱尼(注:当时)(对于埃弗顿而言)与我的位置相同,他打进了一球,但我没有。

Despite this, Shinji Kagawa still won the love of Manchester United fans-like the Dortmund fans who wrote songs for Shinji Kagawa, the Red Devils fans wrote two songs for the Japanese international. In 2013, Manchester United won the 20th league championship trophy in team history, and Shinji Kagawa won the European top league championship for the third consecutive year.

尽管如此,香川慎司仍然赢得了曼联球迷的喜爱,就像为香川慎司写歌的多特蒙德球迷,红魔球迷为日本国脚写了两首歌。 2013年,曼联赢得了队史上第20座联赛冠军奖杯,香川伸二(Shinji Kagawa)连续第三年获得欧洲顶级联赛冠军。

"I won the championship again!" Shinji Kagawa recalled, "I saw people all over Manchester celebrating. They climbed up buildings and even scaffolding. Thousands of fans cheered and sang. To retire after the season. For Ferguson, it was a good night."


Shinji Kagawa performed well in his first season with Manchester United. Although he did not secure his main position due to injuries and other reasons, he still scored 6 goals in the league, including a hat-trick in a game against Norwich. .

香川伸司(Shinji Kagawa)在曼联效力的第一个赛季中表现出色。尽管由于受伤和其他原因他没有确保自己的主要位置,但他仍然在联盟中攻入6球,包括在与诺里奇的比赛中的帽子戏法。 。

However, when Manchester United changed coaches, Shinji Kagawa did not get more opportunities.


"Ferguson decided to retire. He let us learn to face it. I respect his decision from the bottom of my heart. I am a little sad because I originally wanted to work with him for more years, but everyone has time to stop."


"After the team changed the head coach, everything changed. Moyes asked me to play another position. I didn’t like it and found it difficult to adapt. I want to play at the 10th position. That’s the position I’m most familiar with, but if the team If I need to go to the side lanes, then I also want to prove that I can do it."


Shinji Kagawa believes that in the 2013-14 season, only one player in the Manchester United team performed well: Rooney.


"Rooney is great. He makes his teammates more confident. He usually plays the 10th position, can score goals, assists and dribble, and even works hard on defense. Rooney is the best I have seen in England A good player, but he took my place. This way, it will be harder for me to get a chance."


In January 2014, Manchester United signed Mata with a transfer fee that broke the club's signings record, tapped the midfielder Januzai, and retained Rooney. "I have become friends with Spanish players such as Mata and De Gea, and I am also learning English. I can't understand Rooney when he speaks. In contrast, they are easier to understand... But I hope to get a more stable game time. "

2014年1月,曼联以转会费签下了马塔,打破了俱乐部的签约纪录,利用中场球员Januzai并保留了鲁尼。 “我已经和Mata和De Gea这样的西班牙球员成为朋友,而且我也在学习英语。鲁尼说话时我听不懂。相反,他们更容易理解...但是我希望得到更多游戏时间稳定。”

During that period, Shinji Kagawa received support from Klopp again.


"Kagawa Shinji is one of the best players in the world, but he can only play 20 minutes per game at Manchester United, and his position is limited to the left." Klopp said, "My heart is broken. This breaks me. Weeping. The midfield is the most suitable position for Shinji Kagawa. He is an offensive midfielder with a very keen sense of smell in front of goal. Unfortunately, in the eyes of most Japanese, it is better to play for Manchester United than Dortmund. Significant."


Over time, the situation faced by Shinji Kagawa has become more complicated.


"Manchester United changed coaches again. In just two years, they changed four head coaches: Ferguson, Moyes, Giggs and Van Gaal. I did not perform well in the Brazil World Cup, and the Japanese team ranked first in the group and was eliminated. I feel that in order to get back to my best condition, I need to seek new challenges. When Di Maria and Falcao joined Manchester United, I knew I had to change the environment. Van Gaal told me very frankly:'Kagawa Shinji, you are here My team won't get many opportunities.'"

“曼联再次更换了教练。在短短的两年内,他们更换了四名总教练:弗格森,莫耶斯,吉格斯和范加尔。我在巴西世界杯上的表现不佳,日本队在小组赛中排名第一,被淘汰出局。我觉得为了回到最好的状态,我需要寻求新的挑战。当迪·玛丽亚(Di Maria)和法尔考(Falcao)加入曼联时,我知道我必须改变环境。范加尔(Van Gaal)坦率地告诉我:“香川真二,你在这里,我的团队不会有很多机会。”

Dortmund is very interested in signing another contract with Kagawa Shinji.


"Many Tmund too romanticize the player's return." Dortmund fans and author of "Building the Yellow Wall: Dortmund's Extraordinary Rise and Strange Charm" said Uli Hesse. "Shahin, Gotze, Hummels are all Back to the team, and of course Shinji Kagawa. The fans really miss Kagawa. Although he did not give many interviews, he symbolized the spirit of the team that Klopp built."

“许多特蒙德都太浪漫了球员的回报。”乌里·黑森(Uli Hesse)说,多特蒙德影迷和《建立黄墙:多特蒙德的非凡崛起和奇特的魅力》一书的作者。 “ Shahin,Gotze,Hummels都回到了团队,当然还有香川伸司。球迷们确实很想念香川。尽管他没有接受很多采访,但他象征着克洛普建立的团队精神。”

"My career has gone through ups and downs. There are both good times and unpleasant experiences in my memory." Shinji Kagawa told me, "I learned a lot from the difficult times at Manchester United, and that experience made me even better. Be strong. I still have confidence in my strength and my current agent Thomas Kroll. He is very important to me."

“我的事业历经坎s。记忆中既有美好的时光,也有令人不愉快的经历。”香川慎司告诉我:“我从曼联的艰难时期中学到了很多东西,这种经历使我变得更好。坚强。我仍然对自己的实力和我现在的经纪人托马斯·克罗尔充满信心。他对我非常重要。 ”

Shinji Kagawa still remembers that moment of shock in 2017.


On April 11, 2017, before the quarter-finals of the Champions League against Monaco in Dortmund, a bomb suddenly exploded near the team bus... After investigation, the police found that the perpetrator was a 28-year-old German Russian man , He hopes to make Dortmund's share price fall through the bombing and profit from it. If Dortmund did not strengthen the bus windows, the consequences of the accident would be more serious.


"We heard a loud'bang'. I was so scared that I didn't even dare to leave the bus." Shinji Kagawa slowed down. "We saw Mark Bartra seriously injured and thought it was a terrorist attack. I knew it was planned by someone. The players have become more united and I will never forget the situation."

“我们听到一声巨响。我非常害怕,我什至都不敢离开公共汽车。”香川真司放慢了脚步。 “我们看到马克·巴特拉(Mark Ba​​rtra)受了重伤,并认为这是恐怖袭击。我知道这是有人策划的。球员们变得更加团结,我永远不会忘记这种情况。”

Dortmund wanted the game to be postponed, but UEFA only agreed to postpone the game for 24 hours-this decision aroused criticism from many fans. In the game, Dortmund lost to Monaco 2-3 and was finally eliminated by the opponent with a score of 3-6 in two rounds.


"The explosion seriously affected the players sitting on the bus." Hesse told me, "They were traumatized and it took the club a long time to figure out what happened. The club may not realize the seriousness of the situation. It’s no coincidence that the team lineup has almost changed from then to now."


Former coach Tuchel left the club that month, and after a year of recuperation, Dortmund began to change coaches as frequently as Manchester United...As current coach Favre prefers to let Royce play the 10th position, Shinji Kagawa gradually Lost his position and was loaned to Besiktas.

前教练图切尔(Tuchel)于当月离开俱乐部,经过一年的休养之后,多特蒙德(Dutmund)开始像曼联那样频繁更换教练。由于现任教练法弗(Favre)更愿意让罗伊斯(Royce)担任第十名,香川伸二(Shinji Kagawa)逐渐失去了位置,借给贝西克塔斯。

"I don't want to go." Shinji Kagawa said frankly.


Shinji Kagawa got in touch with former Manchester United teammate Mata and joined the Common Goal program initiated by Mata, becoming the first Asian player to donate 1% of his salary to charity. He supported many charitable organizations that helped Asian children grow through football, and began to think about the meaning of life.


Kagawa Shinji told me that he enjoys life in Spain very much. "I have always wanted to come to this country." He likes Zaragoza and travels to Barcelona-where few people know him except Japanese tourists.

香川伸二告诉我,他非常喜欢西班牙的生活。 “我一直想来这个国家。”他喜欢萨拉戈萨(Zaragoza),然后去巴塞罗那旅行。在巴塞罗那,除了日本游客,很少有人认识他。

"Professional players are under tremendous pressure." He said, "The competition in this industry is very fierce. I like competition. I have the privilege of meeting fans from all over the world and fighting alongside players from Europe, South America or Africa. These experiences are great. Yes. I have been to many countries and have established contacts with local people."


After the interview, we missed the scheduled train schedule, so Shinji Kagawa drove us to the next station in his Porsche. Bob Marley’s "Legend" is playing in the car.

采访后,我们错过了预定的火车时刻表,所以香川伸司把我们带到了保时捷的下一个车站。鲍勃·马利(Bob Marley)的“传奇”正在赛车中播放。

This song seems to fit Kagawa Shinji's outlook on life. "Don't worry," he sang softly in English as he drove, "because everything will be fine."

这首歌似乎符合香川真司的人生观。 “别担心,”他开车时用英语轻声地说,“因为一切都会好起来的。”

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